Heritage organisations

Ancient Monuments Society (AMS)

By adopting our campaigning title “AMS – Defending Historic Buildings” we aim to stress how broad is our concern and that we not only study historic buildings but also campaign against needless loss, alteration or neglect.

We work in concert with our fellow National Amenity Societies.

Areas of interest

  • Commenting, as a mandatory consultee on applications for listed building consent, involving any degree of demolition, in England and Wales
  • Advising on the addition of a presently unprotected building onto the National heritage List as a listed building, especially where the fabric is multi-period
  • Disseminating original research on many aspects of architectural history and conservation through our annual volume of Transactions
  • Disseminating information on new attractions, books, grant offers, events, websites and threats, both acute and slow-burn, through our triennial newsletters
  • Taking historic but redundant churches, in England and Wales, into care through our sister organisation, The Friends of Friendless Churches, with whom we are in a working partnership

Please note that the AMS (despite the name that we were given on our foundation in 1924) cannot help on scheduled ancient monuments or archaeology. The authoritative Amenity Society in that regard is the Council for British Archaeology.

Neither can we offer grants or loans.